Course Coding

Scheduling Changes-Effective Fall 2023

A new course coding scheme will go into effect beginning in Fall 2023.

The new course coding scheme consists of the following components:



·  DD = Department (2 digits)

·  NNNN = Course Number (4 digits)

·  SS = Section Number (2 digits)

·  TT = Meeting Type (2 digits)

·  GG = Group (2)


Department Code and Course Number code will remain the same.


Section Number Codes

·  Section Number Designation (01-99)


Meeting Type Codes

·  RF – Residential Focus Session Course

·  IP – In Person Course

·  OS – Online Synchronous Course

·  OA – Online Asynchronous Course

·  HY – Hybrid Course

·  TR – Travel Course


Group Codes

·  NG – No Groups

·  PS – Primary Section of a Grouped Course

·  PS – RFS courses

·  PS – Hybrid course in person section

·  GS – Hybrid course online synchronous section

·  GA, GB, GC, …, GZ – Group Designation (A-Z)


All courses that were previously referred to as Lab, Precept, or Formation Group will now be referred to as Group.


Extended Session 

A separate registration for RFS extended sessions will no longer be needed! The extended session will be included in the RFS course schedule. 


Parent-Child Courses

The Parent-Child functionality in Jenzabar will allow us to create cross listed courses. Hybrid courses and RFS courses with two different extended session modalities will utilize the Parent-Child functionality.


Academic Course Infographic.pdf

Wait List Instructions

Students who attempt to register in MyLutherNet for a course that is filled to capacity may opt to put themselves on the Wait List.  Students will be prompted through the online registration process of the Wait List option. This is done at the discretion of the Registrar and the Faculty Division.

The student’s name will be put on a Wait List which will be monitored by the Registrar’s Office.  As space becomes available in the course, students will be registered into the course based on degree program needs and notified by the Registrar’s Office. 

If a student has already registered for the maximum credits allowed for the term, the system will not allow students to be put on a Wait List.

Wait listed students who are not accepted into a particular course will be removed from the Wait List after the last day to add/drop online for that term.

Note:  The Registrar’s Office will not be able to selectively put students on the Wait List per individual requests.

Student Responsibility

Be sure to view your schedule after completing all transactions; it's your responsibility to verify your registration. Also be sure to logout after completing all transactions for security reasons.  
Please use your LUTHER SEMINARY email account to email for any questions pertaining to your student record.  This is the official channel of communication and students are expected to monitor and use it to receive important information regarding registration, bill payments, and all other student services. If you email us from your personal email account, you will be asked to resend to submit your questions/concerns via your Luther Seminary email account.

The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to drop any class for any student where:

  • Prerequisite has not yet been met
  • Courses are outside the student's division/degree program (i.e., M.Div. students may not register for Ph.D. 8000-level courses) In order to take courses outside their division, M.A., and M.Div. students must obtain written permission from the instructor; all Advanced Theological Education students must obtain written permission of both the instructor and the associate dean.)

Winter Term ELCA Seminary Course Options

During the Winter Term, students at an ELCA seminary may cross-register for specified courses at another ELCA seminary. 

Students submit the cross-registration form to their home seminary Registrar’s Office. Tuition is assessed through the student’s home seminary. The cross-registration form is here ELCA Registration Form.

Students are welcome to seek out relevant courses on the other ELCA seminary websites.