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FIND your holds (if any) by clicking on Personal Info (top right, near sign-in name) and then on the Academic Info tab. Or, you may find a hold that will prevent you from registering by going to Add/Drop Courses on the Registration tab. If you have a hold it will appear there in red.
Holds are placed on registrations for the following reasons:
  • Admissions Hold (see the Admissions Office)
  • Advising Hold (MA/MDIV/Cert) - (see the Student Affairs Office)
  • Advising Hold (DMIN/PHD/MTH) - (see the Graduate Theological Education Office)
  • AR Hold - Outstanding Business Office Accounts (see the Business Office)
  • Candidacy Hold (see the Associate Director of Candidacy / Contextual Learning Office)
  • Immunizations Record not on file (see the Dean of Students Office)
  • Outstanding Library Account Hold (see the circulation desk in the Library)
  • Title IX Hold (see the Student Affairs Office / Associate Director of the Center for Writing and Research) 
  • Writing Services Hold (see the Associate Director of the Center for Writing and Research)

Students with holds placed on their registration will not be allowed to enroll until the holds have been removed or overridden. Contact the office listed for each hold type.  It is the student's responsibility to clear the hold with the office that placed the hold (as noted in parentheses above) and then notify the Office of the Registrar when the hold has been cleared.