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Information is mailed to new students and emailed to current students about the upcoming registration period.
  • Early registration for FALL SEMESTER occurs during the summer, with information available in May. 
  • Early registration for JANUARY TERM occurs in late October. 
  • Early registration for SPRING SEMESTER occurs in early  December
  • Registration for SUMMER session is typically in April.
 Additional add/drops may be made during the beginning of each term.  Please follow the add/drop schedule posted.  Due to the computer system, students are REQUIRED to follow the add/drop schedule dates, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
Recommended semester course load is 4.5 courses.  Maximum load is 5.0 courses for Fall and Spring Semesters. Maximum load for Summer session is 3.0 courses;  however, be advised that this is a  very  heavy course load. Maximum load for January Term is 1.0 course.
M.Div. Juniors and Middlers  are NOT allowed to register for senior (3000 level) courses.
Remember to register for all non-credit requirements, as applicable, such as: FE2000 (Internship Orientation); FE4000 or FE4005 (CPE); FE4021, FE4022, CY4021, CY4022, MU4021 or MU4022 (Teaching Congregations).

Independent Study

Those who may be interested in further graduate study may find it particularly helpful to take an independent study course in which they can work to develop their research and writing skills. No more than 5 total courses required for the master of arts, master of sacred music or master of divinity degrees can be completed by external independent study.
The signature of the instructor indicating approval of course design must be obtained on the appropriate independent study form below (or available at the Registrar's Office). The signature must be obtained and the form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office within the first 5 weekdays of the term. Please also PRINT the instructors name on the form where indicated.
Effective J-Term 2007-2008, all independent studies which are offered as courses during the current academic year are required to have the signature of the Division Chair on them as well. Please note this on the form by the faculty signature area.
All Independent Study forms (for 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 courses) are subject to the same deadlines for adding/dropping as regularly offered courses.
Students are encouraged to make 2 copies of the Independent Study form BEFORE submitting them to the Registrar; one for the instructor and one for personal files.
Kairos continuing education courses are available for students to take as a half (0.5) course for elective credit. Check out the Kairos course catalog, availableonline at Register for the Kairos class in the Center for Lifelong Learning and with the Registrar's Office by using an independent study form.

Auditing Courses

Students, senior citizens, and seminary spouses may audit courses for $250 per course.  For more information on auditing classes, please consult the academic catalog.  All audits are subject to the same registration deadlines for adding/dropping as courses that are offered for credit.
A faculty-signed add slip, indicating an audit (check the left column box in front of the course number for audit), must be submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar.