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New students are invited and encouraged to participate in First Week - Luther Seminary's orientation.
First Week is Orientation, Luther Seminary style. It includes three-and-a-half days of activities designed to introduce you to life at Luther Seminary.
First Week is an experience filled with community building, wrestling with new ideas and information sharing to support you as a student/scholar making the transition to theological education and Christian public leadership.
The Immunization Form is required of all students and must be completed by the end of your first semester.
Student Affairs
Luther Seminary
2481 Como Ave. 
St. Paul, MN 55108
Minnesota Law (M.S. 135A.14) requires that all students born after 1956 and enrolled in a public or private post-secondary school in Minnesota be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, and rubella, allowing for certain specified exemptions. This form is designed to provide the school with the information required by the law and will be available for review by the Minnesota Department of Health and the local community health board.
Pictured ID cards are made for all registered students in the Student Affairs office (NW120).
They serve as:
  • Picture identification,
  • Your library card to check out books, and
  • Dining service declining balance debit card.  Pre-pay a minimum of $25 in Dining Services or Business Office.
Replacement cards:
  • Cards lost or stolen have a $10 replacement fee, broken or damaged have a $2 replacement fee. Payment made in Business Office
  • Replacement cards available without a new photo from Student Affairs office
Students who are not regularly on campus:
  • DL students should get a photo ID card during their first intensive visit to campus
  • Part-time or commuter students should call Student Affairs office (651-641-3536) to make arrangements for a photo ID.  Non-regular hours are available at the beginning of each semester.
  • Or contact Student Affairs office for details of providing your own photo
Background checks are required of all students in every degree program by the end of their first semester.
There is more than one method to fulfill this requirement:
  • Ask your ELCA candidacy committee or denominational judicatory body to send a copy of a recent background check to Luther Seminary, Dean of Students office.
  • Complete a background check by logging into Oxford Document Management Company and following these instructions.  Costs for the background check will be added to the students business office account.
  • International Students:  Check with International Student Services or the Dean of Students office.  The requirement is typically, but not always, fulfilled by the process of gaining a student visa.
Workshops are required of every student in a every degree program.  They are offered at least once a year.  Documentation of successful participation is to be kept on file in the Dean of Students office
All full-time Luther Seminary students are required to have medical insurance. If you are not currently on a group plan you can register for student insurance.  We DO NOT automatically enroll students in the health insurance.
Students on a qualifying group plan should go to their site to waive the student medical insurance at no cost. 
Students taking less than a full-time course load and wishing to be on the insurance may enroll in a plan.