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A variety of counseling resources are available to you as a student. The most obvious ones are features of your life within the seminary community. The seminary pastor, your faculty mentor, and the staff of Student Affairs are available for conversations and consultations.
Additional counseling resources are also available to you through the professional services of counselors in the Twin Cities. As the Dean of Student Life, I encourage you to make use of such professionals when you are ready to address more complicated issues in your life as a seminarian. Tending to our health and wholeness as real human beings is a necessary asset for ministry.
Counselors are available throughout the Twin Cities.
Interns and students at a distance may see a counselor where they live. Receipts for reimbursement of the out-of-pocket expense on a dollar-for-dollar basis (up to $300) may be submitted to the Dean of Student Life.
The Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA) walks students through all aspects of their studies here as well as upholding federal regulations. 
The ISSA office is committed to:
  • Identifying and walking with individuals for leadership development within the global church.
  • Providing advice on US federal regulations.
  • Monitoring and managing the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS).
  • Allocating and arranging for financial support and scholarship.
  • Providing  housing, health, and academic assistance or encouragement.
  • Ensuring the implementation of official policy issues about international student and scholar concerns.
  • Overseeing all support, services, and relevant programs for international students and scholars.
Read brief biographies about some of Luther's international students/scholars.
Officially recognized student groups have rights to reserve rooms for meetings, arrange for display tables on campus, obtain some clerical support from the Student Affairs office and have their group listed in the Student Group Directory on Inside Luther and/or have a link to a website.