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Diaconal Ministry Course Application-Registration

Diaconal Ministry Course Application-Registration

This form is to be used by those students interested in taking the Diaconal Ministry – History, Formation and Spirituality Course (HC 4337 01) being offered through Luther Seminary, January 5-11, 2020. Pre-work (online component) will begin before January 5 and will be noted on the syllabus. Please note that for planning purposes, the application deadline is December 15, 2019.

This course is meeting at Mount Olivet Retreat Center, Farmington MN. For more information about the course, visit the Deaconess Community website.

Housing requests and questions can be directed to Sister Liz Colver, the Director of Vocation and Education for the Deaconess Community at

The cost for participants includes tuition, books, travel, and $400 for room and board (offset by a generous grant from the Deaconess Community).  Please note that the 2019-20 tuition cost for academic credit for this course is $1800.00. If you plan to audit the course only (no course credit given) the fee is $450.00.

Need based scholarships for room and board are available from the Deaconess Community.  Please contact Sr Liz Colver at for further information.

Hospitality, worship, and discernment opportunities during the course will be provided by the Deaconess Community. 




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