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Revolution of Political Laws in Relation to Societal Change There are 1 replies:
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Revolution of Political Laws in Relation to Societal Change Original post: Sat 3/27/2021 at 11:04 AM

Over the years, the laws that govern political participation have greatly changed. Ancient politics has changed with time into a more modernized form of politics. These changes occurred due to the need to fit into the rapid changes occurring in the society. Law originated many years ago. It had to go hand in hand with the needs of the society in its development and growth. A comparison of political laws in the historical times and the present times is a clear picture that, indubitably, changes in political laws took place.

A research done by one philosopher, Finnis, in 1980, clearly shows that any society without a law is incomplete. Laws govern almost all the activities carried out in a society, since a society is a collection of individuals living together in a region.

Political participations have changed adversely to suit the societal growth. For instance, in the past, feminism laws did not exist. The figure of a woman was dishonored in the society. The take on women and the girl child differed a lot, as compared to that of men and the boy child. This depicted itself in the duties assigned to women in the society in relation to those of men. The main responsibilities of women included bearing children, taking care of the house chores and pleasing their men. No woman got a chance of participating in any activities of society building. They only faced unnecessary restriction from the opposite sex.

On the contrary, men and boys had an upper hand in all good things. For instance, only male children got educated to higher levels. They sustained better chances in their lives, as the girls stayed home to help their mothers and grandmothers. Men were the supreme leaders in all matters of the society. Only men stood in decision-making at any level. Any woman bold enough to stand among them got shut down immediately.

Looking at the present political laws, such instances reduced immensely. Only a handful of communities still practice such uncouth laws. Presently the governments offer equal rights for all, since there are women scholars and leaders. The girl child now gets equal opportunities as the boy child. Women now possess an opportunity in building the society too. Therefore, it proves that political revolution happened with the gradual changes in the society.

Different governments used ancient methods of participation in politics over the past centuries. Leaders, like kings and chiefs, solely made the decisions in the group. This act limited the members of the society largely. Members of the group got no chance to voice their preferences on leaders or even matters affecting them. To that effect, people lived under much dictatorial leadership and pressure.

In contrast, present governments try to exercise democratic rule. Almost all practices like decision-making and elections get done jointly with the society. For instance, before one takes up any leadership post, elections take place. This is different from the ancient forms of leadership. Some political leaders take up responsibilities in the sports industry. Sporting activities improved since the government took charge. Talent among the youth is nurtured greatly. The housing industry, education system and other social amenities show immense growth too. Furthermore, ancient and current matters about politics exist in the syllabuses for learners to understand more about the past and current political states of different nations.

In summary, laws related to political participation changed to suit the changes in the society. Noticeable distinctions occurred between the past ways of life in societies and the present. Hence, this necessitated an equal change in the political laws.

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