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First Theological Degrees

This online application is intended for applicants to the following programs:

  • MDiv - Master of Divinity
  • MA - Master of Arts (Academic)
  • MA in Children, Youth and Family Ministry
  • MA in Christian Ministry
  • MA in Leadership and Innovation for Ministry

Please note that applications for the MDiv (Residential and Distributed Learning) and MA degree programs are accepting new students only in the Fall Semesters of each academic year due to scholarship deadlines, etc.  

**Please note that all applications for the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond are  CLOSED.  We are working on a new application process/software and will re-open those terms in July 2020.  Please check back at that time to apply for Fall 2021 and beyond.  

** Please note the application for the MDivX - Master of Divinity - Accelerated (24 month degree program) - is CLOSED.  This application will re-open for Summer Term 2020-2021 (with a December 1, 2020 deadline) in July 2020.  

** INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - Please note that international applications for First Theological Degrees are open for Fall Semester only. Because the deadline has passed for Fall Semester 2020 applications (deadline was March 31, 2020), the application for Fall 2021-2022 and beyond will re-open in July 2020. 


    First Theological Degrees  

For all domestic students, including transfer students - 

    Non-Degree / Certificate Program  

For all domestic students, including transfer students - 

Graduate Theological Degrees - Post MDIV/MA

Applicants using this form MUST HAVE a bachelor of divinity, master of arts, or master of divinity degree (or equivalent) from an accredited theological school.

This online application is intended for applicants to the following programs:
  • ThM – Master of Theology - Applications currently being accepted for Fall and Spring Semesters 2020-2021. Applications for the ThM for 2021-2022 and beyond will re-open in July 2020.
  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy - Application closed January 1, 2020 for the 2020-2021 academic year. Tentative application re-opening for 2021-2022 academic year will be in August 2020.  
  • DMin BP – Doctor of Ministry – Biblical Preaching - On Hold
  • DMin CML – Doctor of Ministry – Congregational Mission and Leadership - On Hold
  • Non Degree – Post MA/MDiv Graduate Special Student (includes Auditors; all non-degree applicants in this category must already have a Bachelor of Divinity or an MA from an accredited theological school, or an MDiv, or the equivalent) - Applications currently accepted for 2020-2021.  Applications for non-degree for 2021-2022 and beyond will re-open in July 2020. 
    Graduate Theological Degrees  

For all domestic students applying for the THM or non-degree (already have an MA in theological studies or an MDIV), including transfer students -

    Graduate Theological Degrees - INTERNATIONAL STUDENT APPLICATION  

For all international applicants applying to the THM degree program who are non-immigrants to the U.S. and who have a prior theological degree - 

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Forms and Additional Information

First Theological Degree Applicants 
  • Your autobiography/faith statement can be sent as a word document attachment to
  • Recommendation Forms (MDiv, MA)
  • Note: the Candidacy requirement for MDiv applicants is an internal Admissions piece to serve as a reminder that your entrance decision needs to be completed by the end of your first semester of study.  It is not part of your application for the admissions committee.

Contact Admissions

If you have any questions about the application process or admission requirements, contact your counselor or the following Luther Seminary admissions staff members:
General Admissions Contact
Email: or by Phone: (651) 641-3521
First Theological Degree Staff - (MDiv, MA, MACYM, MACMN, MALIM, Certificate, Non-Degree) 
Graduate Theological Degree Staff - (PhD, DMin, MTh, Post-MDiv/MA Graduate Special/Non-Degree) 

International Student and Scholar Affairs Staff - (all degree programs)


Visit Campus

We encourage you to visit campus as you prepare to apply for a degree at Luther Seminary. Schedule a customized visit and meet with faculty and students firsthand.
Additional information can be found at our main site: